martedì 10 settembre 2013

INNOVATION OF THE FUTURE srl: your distributor of innovative products certified

The "INNOVATION OF THE FUTURE s.r.l" - Consists of Salento - specializes in the distribution of innovative products that, when properly used, have a positive effect on quality of life and household budget.
Identified the product, the IOTF do research without territorial limits, the most reliable manufacturers in the world. Reliability is verified by inspections of the companies and the careful analysis of global quality certifications. After the preliminary verification of the manufacturer, the IOTF proceeds, with specific tests, the final assessment of the quality of the product to be marketed. Only products that pass all the tests are marked


The Electronic Cigarette is just the first of the products distribution. Meanwhile, the IOTF is already analyzing the possibility of launching among others, in 2014, a further innovative product capable of replacing, in operating cost zero, the supply of electric energy up to 3 KW.

Buying a product with IOTF brand is a guarantee of quality and reliability.
The IOTF brand is a guarantee of articles produced by the best manufacturers in the world.
The IOTF brand products, as well as being chosen from among those in possession of the EEC certification, are further tested by appropriate structures Salento.

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